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Contrasting Change

Contrasting Change

Two weeks ago, a work colleague strained his back quite badly when lifting some boxes at home. The problem has occurred off and on over the years and he has gone to see a chiropractor but he doesn’t like having his neck manipulated. I suggested that he go and see one of our clients who is a physiotherapist.

Matt started his practice, Body Matters Physio in January last year, after several years of working for physios who took a very conventional approach with appointments usually of 30 minutes with half being hands on and the other half using machines to make up the time. Matt had noted that many patients kept coming back but weren’t improving. He began doing courses including acupuncture and many other techniques some of which are related to osteopathy. He experimented on family and friends and concluded, that he wanted to be totally hands on, no machines, make his treatments up to an hour long and use techniques that worked. To put them into practice he needed to move on.

My work colleague after some persuasion went to see Matt and within 24 hours was experiencing improvement. Within three days he was feeling back to normal and cancelled his follow up appointment.

My work colleague took some persuading to make a change and try something new. He spent all weekend raving how good Matt was to his friends and family. Matt changed because he was no longer prepared to accept the status quo and looked for new ideas to make him a better physiotherapist who makes a difference to his clients.

What kind of person are you? Someone who has to be cajoled, pushed or dragged into change, even when you aren’t happy with a situation or someone who wants make things even better by embracing good change?