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Compare Apples with Apples

Salon Manager is available in three options for a very reasonable monthly fee and an initial modest set up fee to cover the cost of training and the first 400 SMS. Package options also include building you a very affordable website. Ask for a quote and a free demonstration today.

Many salon owners have expressed a concern that they lack computer skills and we believe your success can only be enhanced by good one-on-one training, at your pace to obtain the absolute best for your business.


The Other Apples

Nebula Salon Manager covers the complete range of functions that you need to run a business.


Nebula provides more than just the tools offered by other salon systems. Nebula provides the tools to successfully run your business:


Human Resource Management:

Getting HR wrong, is an elephant in the room, it can cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Nebula Salon Manager gives you the tools to manage your HR and backs it up with access to HR consultants and lawyers if you need help.


Work Health Safety

Work Health Safety is the second elephant in the room. No-one is checking up on you to ensure you are compliant, if the proverbial hits the fan the consequences don't bear thinking about. We give you simple tools to easily manage your WHS risks.



No policies? We provide over 100 policies and procedures you can adapt.

Store all of your business documents securely in Nebula.


Plant & Equipment

Why does a salon need to document its plant and equipment?

One example of how managing your plant and equipment can benefit you is if your salon burns to the ground. You now have to prove what you had and its value. Loss assessors can take months to reach an agreement with you. Access a computer, print out your stock, plant and equipment reports and you just eliminated weeks of pain and stress.


The power and features of Nebula Salon Manager have been designed and built to run a salon business. Just make sure you are comparing apples with apples.